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Are you an early stage startup? Getting set to launch?

August 15, 2022

7:45 PM IST

From identifying your business intent to preparing an investor pitch to setting up your sales funnel. This one hour session is designed to quash the FOMO for the developers of a Go To Market strategy!

The Overview

What we will Cover?

Three Week Theory has 21 chapters, i.e. with stuffs to do for 21 days!

Business Vision

The first week is largely related to compliances and business intent.

Launch Plan

Know what is all required to prepare for your product launch.


Schedule and enjoy the spotlight. No fire-fighting required!

About the Presenter

Balaji Vijayaraghavan

is a digital media specialist, comic, criminologist, philanthropist & a TEDx speaker. From his decade-long experience as a marketer across various sectors, he has derived this concept after observing a pattern with over fifteen product launches.

Further, he has supported over 40 startups, and have catalyzed their growth in scaling up their business.

10+ Years Experience

15+ Product Launches

40+ Startup Collaborations


What Attendees Say?

We did a private beta in the month of August 2021. It was a 21-day boot camp. There were 17 registrations, but only five of them religiously attended the session all days!

Conch Studios

An intensive course covering a lot of points that people easily tend to miss points when people think 'marketing'. A very good course for product specialists who are looking to understand how to market their products. Thank you for putting this together.

Dr. Prakash Kamaraj
Forus Health

Must recommend. Balaji's work is impeccable in creating the effective TWT modules

The Modules

The Modules in Three Week Theory

A series of abstract questions for your (aspiring) startup, that will help you set the vision & purpose for your brand as it is being built up!

Know about your customers, their segments, and personas. This module comes with an exercise for you to do just what would let your prospect notice you!

While this module begins with the ‘how to’ of a simple competitor study, the inferences would also help you set the tone for you to do the Market Research all by yourself. You would be learning how to arrive at SWOT, Key Business Drivers, CAGR, Financial Projections, and so on…

How would your brand want to be known & seen as? Formal? Cool? Friendly? Sage? Authority? Bring the vibe and personality for your entity, in this chapter!

Talk to the people you know that may be interested in trying your business offering. Ensure they are absolutely okay even if you screw up! Learn the key parameters, dos & don’ts, and the attributions to set up private beta!

On this pre-order, you would be receiving over 10,000 slide templates along with the package. In addition to it, you would be learning how to develop a pitch deck for investors or even for sales as well.

You would also be getting a comprehensive list of all the available listings & beta launch sites. Simply mark what all are relevant for your business offering, and start the profiling.

While this activity is largely attributed to the SEO exercises, Day 8 of the Three Week Theory is primarily a session on behaviour & personality development!

On this day, you would be learning how to set up a customer support matrix, delegation, process management, and an orientation on how to comprehend requests for new features in your business offering as well.

If you are a product startup, Technical Documentation is the backbone of your business offering. Comprehensive drafting of the ‘how to’ using your platform would empower your customers. There is a convention to follow, and we would be discussing all that here!

The most absorbed content on the internet is the videos. But what kind of videos would get you the edge? We have classified it into three – hub content, help content, and hero content. Got a fair idea? Let’s dig deeper!

Media presence is inevitable. It could be anything that grabs the public’s attention. But, does it serve the purpose? PR involves some budgets. “Some”. Deriving more from less requires a strategic approach, and no theories are involved in this discussion.

Remember the private beta user acquisition from the first week? Well, not everyone would actually make effective use of your business offering, while some would come up with sharp feedback. This module will have a few prominent use cases, which would resonate with most other startups for a comprehensive roadmap setting…

Not everyone needs to be everywhere. With reference to the identification of our target group, marketing channels would be ascertained. This will set the tone for a successful Go To Market strategy!

Stepping into the third week means that you’re getting equipped to set the date of launch, factoring in the timelines to create assets like videos, technical documentation, customer support mechanism, etc.

The exercises from Day 4 would come into effect! Decisions on the choice of colours, branding, and archetypes would be made. Why after two weeks after its identification? Simple. The private beta users would weigh into your brand personality. A little validation!

A quick confession here! Three Week Theory wasn’t courseware or a masterclass all these days. It is a taskmaster for entrepreneurs & startups. While there would be a tinge of mastery, it is all aimed at facilitating you with prudent execution.

By this time, you will have the content, target group, demographics, and all the required information to find your customers. Let’s get going!

Prospect/customer engagement is not a task. It is a journey! Automate it with a set of communication patterns for better recall value.

Prepare everything for deployment! Mark your beginning.

While we have hundreds of sales & marketing workshops, this module may be seemingly similar to most of them. One difference with Three Week Theory is that the orientation would be towards answering ‘why’ instead of ‘how to’.

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In 60 minutes, you will get a sneak peek of what all it takes to Go To Market in just three weeks. Nail your product launch by not missing some trivial kinds of stuff, that are easy to miss!


Unique learning & implementation solutions for startups to Go To Market.

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